Your Livefulness Plan

Share your Livefulness Plan here! Talk with others! Get inspiration! What’s on your LIFE agenda for today?



6 thoughts on “Your Livefulness Plan

  1. Started out with a nice walk with friends this morning plan to go to NC next spring and Aruba this fall. Both trips are pending. Plan to help pack food for families needing it in my community I plan to do more for those in need in 2016 starting today


    1. Donna, starting out the first day of the year with a nice walk with friends is an absolutely perfect way to incorporate “Livefulness” into your life! And a big high five on the two trips you plan on taking – especially ARUBA! That’s going to be spectacular. And we all need to follow your lead of community service. Nothing does more for your own heart than helping others. Way to go!! Keep us posted!


  2. To finish most – if not all – of my writing projects and get them out there. There has to be someone who wants to read them, right?


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