Life’s Short. Work Less. In Praise Of The 4-Day Work Week


I love the bit in those 1970s nostalgia shows when we get to 1974. It’s always the same footage: slightly bedraggled people looking like they are wearing someone else’s trousers, cars that appear to have been imported from east Germany, a raucous soundtrack from Bowie and T Rex. Ted Heath standing in the middle of it all looking suddenly like a man from the wrong generation.

And for more than two months, industry and commerce was forced to work a three-day week. No wonder Heath lost the election. Can you imagine what a three-day week would do to the current government?

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Be Where You Are

Get your head out of the past, stop looking toward the future, plant your feet firmly on the ground where you’re standing. Put down your phone, step away from the computer and be WHERE YOU ARE RIGHT NOW. Try as we may, humans aren’t capable of multi-tasking. When you take on more than one task at a time, you might think you’re being productive, but you’re not. You’re splitting your time between two activities and not giving either your full 100%. To live fully, you must give fully. Try it for one day. You’ll see how much more of life gets absorbed when you revel in the now.


The Livefulness Jar

Imagine a jar where you place all of your greatest moments in life. Travels, births, weddings, friends loved, goals met. This is your “Livefulness Jar.” This jar holds infinite life moments. They don’t have to be big, or cost a lot of money – they only only have to have meaning to you. Moments that move your life forward in a positive, loving and productive way. Every day, create a moment to put into this jar and LIVE THAT MOMENT while you can. What will you put into your Livefulness Jar today?