The Livefulness Project is a year long experiment on doing what we should be doing every day. Living. Taken apart, Live-Full-Ness means living in the FULLNESS of life and not letting any minutes go by wasted.

After losing several friends over the past couple of years, it finally hit me one day – I may not be here tomorrow…then what? All of those future dreams completely wasted because I spent all of my time stuck in my daily rut: drive to work, work, come home from work, drive to work, work, come home from work, clean the house, take a nap, drive to work, work, come home from work. I was accomplishing nothing beyond working and trying to keep my house clean.

Maybe you can relate, but, I’m the queen of “one day.”

“One day I’ll snorkel The Great Barrier Reef!”

“One day I’ll take my dogs to the beach.”

“One day I’ll get back to the Cayman Islands.”

I’ve been dreaming of that trip to Australia for over 30 years! This year I decided to make the plans to make it all happen. To make LIFE happen. Before it’s too late.

I’ll fill this site with inspirational quotes and exercises. I’ll make it a place to hold myself, and all of you, accountable for our promises to ourselves. Even if it’s something as small as, “Have friends over for tea this weekend,” or “Visit my niece,” these are activities that contribute to LIFE, not to stagnation.

I hope you’ll join me in this project. I’ve created a page for you to share your plans for this year. And I hope you’ll participate and share them with all of us.

Look for The Livefulness Project book, workbook and podcast coming soon!

What’s on your Livefulness List today?