Dazzle The World…

DazzleTheWorld - Edited


6 thoughts on “Dazzle The World…

  1. Lisa I’m so IN!! On this project! I am not sure if my plans or goals yet but will work on them & share! Thanks for doing this!


    1. That’s the beauty of this. It’s not really a resolution, it’s more of a concentration on living. Getting out of the house more. Sitting on the beach and watching the ocean. Taking your dog for walks. Spending time with friends. 🙂 We just have to make time and ENERGY to make it happen!


  2. I will start 2016 by watching the documentary “Awake” which is about the life of Paramahansah Yogananda!! I’m excited & plan to start doing Yoga this year as well!


  3. I’m going to get to Ireland this year. I’ve been saying this forever…But damn it, this year I’m going.
    Step one..Get a passport!


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